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Cd player console for celebrity events

We have all types of mixer and cd players consoles are available for hire, such as VENUE SC-48, YAMAHA M7CL,YAMAHA LS9,BEHRINGER X32,SOUNDCRAFT MH2 and any other popular consoles.

At a mixing console different audio signals from different sources come together and are controlled, mixed and assigned to a common output channel. At an event, this means specifically: audio signals are z. B. via microphones, players or electronic sound generator forwarded. These different signals must result in a harmonious composition for the listener. Therefore, they are brought together in a mixing console and optimally tuned.
Only through this harmonization creates an optimal sound experience for the audience. There are a variety of different mixing consoles, depending on the purpose they serve, eg. live sound, DJ appearances or live broadcasts. Whether you have a 4-channel mixer, a digital mixing console or a 56-channel live mixing desk, we will be happy to help you find the perfect unit for your needs. We also rent all types of players, such as DVD players. Players, CD players and MP3 players that can be connected to the mixing consoles.
You can be the sportiest and most intelligent person on earth; nothing works without the heart. The central control unit of the body pushes blood into your arms, legs, brain etc .. Without this, nothing goes. It’s a lot like mixing consoles – you can have the best speakers, microphones, and power amplifiers; Without the heart, in this case the mixer, all these components can not be properly served. The super-loud speakers hardly bring out any sound and the microphones do not even find the way to the speakers.

Various audio signals from different sources converge, are controlled, mixed and assigned to a common output channel at one mixer. Whether it is a 4-channel mixer, a digital mixer or a live mixer with 56 channels, we are happy to advise you on selecting the right model that will cater to your needs perfectly.

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